2018 Holiday Picks!

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It’s that time of year again! As we count down the days left until Christmas, we know many people are still scrambling for last minute gifts, so check out JavaForBeauty’s top picks for the perfect present for anyone! BioDerma’s Atoderm Levres Give the gift of moisturized lips! Extreme cold and wind can easily strip dry out your lips, leaving them chapped, cracked, and irritated. With BioDerma’s Atoderm Lip Stick, you will not only hydrate your damaged puckers, but protect them from further damage as well. With shea butter as its most nourishing active ingredient, this lip stick is guaranteed to soften, smooth, and restore even the most sensitive lips, leaving your puckers biologically regenerated and supple. Clarisonic Mia Fit Give the gift of clear skin with Clarisonic’s Mia Fit! This product is the perfect customizable skincare product to help deep clean your skin with ease, and the Mia Fit is available in three different colors to suit anyone’s personality. ALBION Exage White Crystal Milk II Give the gift of hydrated skin with ALBION’s Exage White Crystal Milk II. This product contains the optimum balance of moisture, oil and moisturizing components. With a continuous use of White Crystal Milk, skin will look more plump and smooth, and will be less subject to adverse environmental factors such as dryness and ultraviolet rays. Eminence Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque Instead of chocolates that will only increase blood sugar, give the gift of a velvety, chocolate masque! Eminence Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque replenishes moisture to plump and revitalize the look and feel of your complexion. Fight visible aging signs and leave skin smooth and refreshed with this one-of-a-kind masque. Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter Give the gift of moisturized skin with Bliss’ Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter. With its energizing citrus scent blend of bright blood orange, spicy white pepper, and a nuance of coriander and white musk, this body butter was the winning fragrance in the 2008 “eu”-lection. This formula is perfect for rough, dry skin needs. Elemis Jasmine & Rose Hand Cream While body butters work for moisturizing, our hard-working hands deserve a product all to themselves! Give the gift of healthy, smooth, youthful hands with Elemis’ Jasmine and Rose Hand Cream. This hand cream is a rich and beautifully fragranced product specifically created to soften and calm dry skin, and aims to provide skin with maximum nourishment and protection, leaving behind silky smooth, delicately scented hands. Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men’s Give the gift of clear skin, even for men! Men’s skin is different from women’s skin, which is why Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men’s brush is the perfect sonic cleansing tool for any working man. This product is engineered to cleanse men’s skin and get their skin to a healthier look – clearing away dirt, sweat, and oil. It’s the perfect product for prepping the face and neck for a closer, smoother shave. Dermalogica Shave Kit Give the gift of the perfect shave for your husband, brother, nephew, or any other male figure in your life! Dermalogica’s Shave System Kit is a travel-friendly kit that will help deliver a great shave and healthy skin with Dermalogica’s exclusive three-step regimen based on beard type, hair growth pattern, and skin condition. This kit features an exfoliating cleanser, a protective, moisturizing shave prep, an ultra-lubricating and soothing shaving cream, and an after-shave to reduce irritation and redness!


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