Best Eye Care Products from Talika

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Eyes are special and eye zone deserves best quality eye care products that are perfectly safe for the sensitive skin around eyes. Talika brings an innovative collection of cosmetics for eyes, brows, lashes, eye contour, etc. From heated eyelash curlers to lash conditioning cleanser and from eyebrow extenders to eye therapy patches, Talika offers wide range of eye care products. Talika Heated Eyelash Curlers Embedded image permalinkTalika has introduced a revolutionary product to gently curl eyelashes. From top celebrities like Emily VanCamp and makeup artists like Rosie Johnson, everyone swears by Talika heated eyelash curlers. In fact, this product was featured on TV shows such as Today Show. TALIKA Heated Eyelash Curler uses soft heated pad to instantly add the curl to your eyelashes and gives you the look of a diva. This curler is temperature controlled and is therefore safe and gentle. The product is available in stylish design. Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Treatment Falling eyelashes due to some changes in nutrition or hormonal problems is very common. You can get an expert eyelash treatment from Talika Lipocils that uses plant based extracts to grow your eyelashes miraculously. In less than 4 weeks, you can get longer and thicker lashes that you have always craved for.  Use Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Treatment to get shiny eyelashes.  The product includes applicator top with an angled sponge top to sweep along your lash line and mascara brush to condition each strand of eyelashes gently. Eliminate the Eye Stress with Talika Eye Therapy Often long working hours and lack of sleep shows under your eyes in the form of puffiness, dark circles and scars. Also the stress brings aggravates the aging processand fine lines appear under your eyes. You can reduce puffiness and dark circles while removing the fine lines effectively using Talika Eye Therapy Patches. These rejuvenating patches can reduce under eye wrinkles in just 30 minutes and give you a fresh look. These patches have great value for money because they are reusable and the same patch can be used for 3 times. Brightening Care for the Eye Contour Professional care for the eye contour is essential. Talika has wide variety of products designed especially for eye contour. Get the spa like eye care with Gentle eye scrub, which is a soft exfoliant meant for all skin types and it was originally designed for Professional Spas. Cream Booster stimulates cell renewal process and proven LED phototherapy and ion therapy boosts the efficiency of daily skincare products such as eye serums and gels.


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