Brad Pitt’s Makeup Artist On The Set Of World War 2 Love Using Talika Therapy Patches

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Brad Pitt, is a great lover of   Talika Eye Therapy Patch. Brad Pitt’s makeup artist on the set of World War 2 loved using Talika eye therapy patches for reducing the fatigued look under the eyes. Talika eye therapy patches are clinically tested in the famous Paris hospital "Hôpitaux de Paris.” Talika has been the pioneer in beauty industry since 1948. The innovative eye therapy patch by Talika has been the most remarkable eye care product that has anti-aging qualities as well as moisturizing effect that can boost the elasticity of the skin. Talika brand has been in the news because it has won several awards including 2011 beauty choice award. Jean Desjardin trusts Talika’s Eye Therapy Patch Whether it is Academy Awards night or any other moment, Hollywood stars (both men and women) trust Talika Eye Therapy Patch to get the fresh, energetic and  youthful look for that special moment. Jean Desjardin, the French actor who won the 2012 Academy Award for the Best Actor for his film “The Artist” trusted Talika’s Eye Therapy Patch for the bright-eyed look on stage. Talika Eye Therapy Patch delivers dramatic results by visibly minimizing the dark circles and tiredness. Talika is not only famous among French, but also have celebrity fans in USA as well. Nourishment of Natural Extracts Wrinkles and dark circles are caused because the areas under eyes lose its elasticity. Therefore, eye therapy patches are meant to provide instant nourishment to dull skin under eyes. The patches are highly effective in reduces the formation of wrinkles as well as brightening up the complexion by fading the dark circles in as little as 30 minutes. These eye patches are made up of natural ingredients and essential oils including musk, rose, avocado and wheat germ oil.


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