Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-up won the Elle Magazine’s 2013 Green Star Beauty Award

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Today beauty industry is enamored by words like natural, organic and plant-based products. Natural cosmetics or organic skincare are not just the buzzwords. Many celebrities as well as beauty experts prefer the natural and pure ingredients for their skin rather than the harsh chemicals. Since, your skin works in a natural way, the solution to skin problems needs to be natural and organic. Therefore, Dr. Hauschka has launched a whole new range of products that heal you from within and give you the magic touch of natural ingredients. The power and purity of plant based extracts is visible when you discover a new glow on your skin and encourage cell renewal process. Award Winning Translucent Make-up Embedded image permalinkWhether you are looking for a flawless complexion for that first date or want an even skin tone for your first interview, all you need is a quick make-up. When it comes to make-up, using the conventional foundation with toxic synthetics can damage the skin. Therefore, Dr. Hauschka has formulated all natural and gentle foundation that gives you a luminous look while healing and nourishing your skin from within.  Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-up has won the Elle Magazine’s 2013 Green Star Beauty Award. This recipient of this award is those products which are produced using eco-friendly methods and organic ingredients.  According to the editor of Elle, “ When there is no time for extra skin , Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-up, infused with hydrating macadamia seed and avocado oils, creates a smooth, even complexion. This make-up is gentle for all skin-conditions. Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick Whether you have a skin condition like acne or sensitive skin or you have dry and aging skin with blemish marks, there is absolutely no need to conceal those signs under a concealer or mask the skin problems with artificial ingredients. Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick not only hides those blemishes but also treats them naturally. Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick has also won the Elle Magazine’s 2013 Green Star Beauty Award. According to Elle, “While some concealers aggravate spots, Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick works to camouflage redness while treating blemishes.” Create the Culture of Skincare Just like you nurture your body by eating fruits and vegetables which are natural gift, in the same manner, nature has an amazing treasure for your beautiful skin. Dr. Hauschka skin care line makes it convenient for you to use natural ingredients as a part of a healthy skincare culture. Using Rose Day cream is essential to maintain a beauty regime like Rebecca Ferguson, the lead actress of the TV series “The White Queen.” According to InStyle Magazine, make-up artist Gucci Westman suggested Rebecca to use Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka, after evaluating her skin conditions.


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