Dr. Wu Whitening Products for Skin Lightening and Brightening

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Dr. Wu offers an extensive range of skin whitening products for all skin types and skin conditions.  As an expert in medicine and cosmetology, Dr. Wu has formulated skin lightening products that contain natural ingredients and are clinically proven to be safe. Dr. Wu’s skin whitening products are designed after exclusive clinical research on skin care to provide relief from various skin troubles without causing any side effects. Arbutin, a Secret Ingredient that Gives Instant Glow to the Skin Embedded image permalinkDr. Wu Intensive whitening serum contains concentrated Arbutin, a high potency lightening agent, which can give you an instant glow. This advanced formula not only reduces the melanin pigmentation in your skin, but also prevents liver spots and freckles and treats sunburn marks as well. For those who have undergone laser surgeries, this treatment can lighten the surgery marks as well. Arbutin is a strong natural tyrosine inhibitor and also contains anti-oxidants. Hence, it is doubly-effective on your skin. Whitening Cream that works like a Sun Shield and Protects the Skin Dr. Wu’s UV Whitening Cream with Fullerene is a revolutionary product that combines the power of sunblock with the whitening cream. Applying this cream regularly not only saves you from the damage of sun, but also enhances the radiance on your skin. Dr. Wu UV Whitening Cream contains powerful ingredient fullerene, which penetrates into different levels of skin giving you a flawless complexion while treating the dark spots.  The cream has a SPF of 35, which is very powerful. BB Cream that Treats Acne and Makes the Skin Bright and Beautiful Most of the women, who have sensitive or acne-prone sensitive skin, do not get calming effect from the whitening products available in the market. Therefore, a topical cream can or a clinical treatment is often suggested. Dr. Wu Acnecur Mattify Blemish Balm Cream is a lightweight formula that whitens your complexion, treats acne, regulates oil production and hydrates your skin properly. The mineral-based formulation is powerful in treating blemishes, spots, and skin imperfections without causing pore inflammation.


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