Emma 1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream: A Sensational New Product for Asian Beauties

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Whether you are a fashion model walking on the ramp or a household diva on the go, you need something which works instantly. When it comes to treating the dark spots or brown patches on your body, the best thing is to cover them stylishly. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. It is easier to hide the dark skin and black spots in less than a minute by applying the latest innovative formulation from Emma 1997, a leading beauty brand from Taiwan. This product is Emma 1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream. Oftentimes, women focus more on the face and forget the dark areas. Therefore, Emma 1997 has designed a product for dark area as inside of arm, thighs and other hard to notice part. The product not only whitens and lightens the skin but also makes the skin soft and smooth. The product is lightweight and can be absorbed instantly by the skin. You can massage this cream into your skin and improve skin quality in a very short time.   Best Ingredients For those who are obsessed with white skin, Emma 1997 Pearl Whitening Cream is the product that ensures whitening effect without causing any damage to the skin. It contains natural extracts and pearl powder that works best on Asian skin and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury.   Instant whitening It takes less than a minute to see the visible difference after you apply the whitening cream because it relaxes tight skin.  What sets this cream apart from the other whitening formulations is that this product is formulated keeping in mind the needs of the entire body. The parts which you want to hide like your dark knees or the back where the skin is dull and dark can easily be softened and whitened using this cream which comes in Reduces Melanin Synthesis Whether your skin color is darker due to genetic factors or exposure to sunlight has caused damage to your skin. Difference in skin color is due to the amount of pigment produced by melanocytes in our skin. Often our skin gets darker, because melanocytes synthesize melanin from an amino acid called tyrosine along with an enzyme called tyrosinase.  Emma 1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream is designed to inhibit tyrosine and thus reducing melanin synthesis. Sometimes, the skin does not get dark everywhere, but some brown patches emerge. Usually, freckles are caused by the accumulation of melanin in patches. Emma 1997 Body Whitening Cream is quite effective in reducing freckles in the skin. Order Emma 1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream on Javaforbeauty.com, your premier choice for beauty products and skincare needs, and get free shipping and amazing discounts.


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