Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss rated 9.9/10 by Total Beauty Magazine

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If winter is here, can chapped lips be far behind. Well, due to winters many women suffer from dry lips. Apart from winter, skin aging and photo-damaging are also responsible for dull and lack-luster lips. Gloss, is the answer to get a temporary relief and get lustrous lips for a while. But the permanent solution is one that speeds up the cell renewal process and gives you fuller and plump lips apart from adding luster to your lips.  Some women try lip plumper which is a painful technique to get fuller lips. Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss from Fabeaulux gives every woman fabulous and luscious lips, she always craves for. It is not just an ordinary lip gloss. Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss is a solution for healthy looking and beautiful lips. Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss with Collagen Peptides is the number one choice of editors of Total Beauty Magazine. The product has been rated 9.9/10. Unlimited Range of Colors Fabeaulux is a luxurious indulgence for your lips and the range of colors offered by brands are sure to mesmerize everyone. The beautiful colors come with rich pigments. For women who prefer pinkish tint, there is Julia and for women that prefer just a nude color, Shelly is the best choice. For those who prefer a darker shade, there is MaryAnn and Elena. So, Fabeaulux offers every color for everyone. Non-Greasy and Silky Smooth Most of the lip gloss available in the market provide a greasy coating on the lips and make the lips dry. But, Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss has been made using collagen peptides that fight the wrinkles and dryness and keep your lips hydrating and moist without being sticky.  The gloss has been the favorite of skin care experts as well as make-up artists. There is absolutely no need to use a lip liner or lipstick, if you use this gloss. This one gloss is enough to give your lips a silky smooth, texture while bringing immediate moisture and comfort to the lips. Anti-Aging Lip Care Often women prefer anti-aging face cream, but they leave the lips from the anti-aging treatment. For the first time, Fabeau'Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss is creating a new beauty culture that places high importance on chapped, dry and wrinkled lips without using any exfoliating product. Just by applying a coat of gloss on your lips, you can get a youthful appearance and soft and beautiful lips. Fabeaulux brand is the result of the hard work and experience of various skincare experts and biochemists. The result is scientific formulations that include high quality collagen peptides and natural plant extracts to give you sexy pout.


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