Staff's Pick: Five Products to Keep Hydrated for the Winter

Posted by Andy Shyr on

1. NeoStrata's Smooth Surface Daily Peel smooth surface daily peel When your skin is so dry and flaky it doesn't get better with just moisturizing, you need a gentle exfoliator like NeoStrata's Smooth Surface Daily Peel! This one-step peel is an easy-to-use addition to your daily routine, helping shed your top layer of dull skin to help your moisturizers absorb deeply. Restore natural volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles with this all-in-one treatment! 2. Cellex-C's Hydra 5 B-Complex Cellex-C-Hydra-5-B-Complex With Cellex-C's Hydra 5 B-Complex, your skin will look healthier and more hydrated than ever before. This oil-free, crystal clear gel is the perfect follow up product after cleansing and toning, using naturally moisturizing ingredients to attract more than 1,000 times its weight in water to your skin. Give your skin a silky smooth texture, and achieve smoother, more radiant skin within three to six weeks of use. 3. BioDerma's Atoderm Lip Stick lipstick Extreme cold and wind can easily strip dry out your lips, leaving them chapped, cracked, and irritated. With BioDerma's Atoderm Lip Stick, you will not only moisturize your damaged lips, but protect them from further damage as well. With shea butter as its most nourishing active ingredient, this lip stick is guaranteed to soften, smooth, and restore even the most sensitive lips, leaving your puckers biologically regenerated and supple. 4. Elemis' British Botanical Hand & Nail Butter British Botanical Hand and Nail Butter With harsh, cold, windy weather as a staple of the winter season (unless you're in Sunny Southern California!), make this product a staple in your daily skincare routine! Elemis' British Botanical Hand & Nail Butter will ensure that the harsh conditions of the outdoors don't wear down your delicate hands. Reinforce your skin's acid mantle and moisture balance, and leave your skin soft, conditioned, and well-nourished. 5. Revision Skincare's Multi-Protection with SPF 50 Multi Protection SPF 50 Revision Skincare's Multi-Protection with SPF 50 is the perfect sunscreen to help you retain moisture, and protect from sun damage at the same time. With anti-aging effects, this sunscreen will give dry, mature skin the essential moisture it needs while protecting against free radicals, UVA, and UVB rays, without leaving behind excess oil or shine. BONUS: Perfect Dry Skin Products to Gift for the Holidays Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit DRY Dermalogica’s Dry Skin Kit is complete product regimen designed to replenish hydration levels and relieve symptoms of dryness such as flakiness and fine lines. Featuring five of Dermalogica's best products for dry skin in travel sizes, this kit has a skincare routine all in one easy-to-carry, convenient package! The Dry Skin Kit makes the perfect gift for those who love to travel, or those who just want to try something new. This kit includes Dermalogica's Essential Cleaning Solution, Gentle Cream Exfoliant, Multi-Active Toner, Intensive Moisture Balance, and Intensive Eye Repair.


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