Get the Results of Microdermabrasion with Dr. Wu Micro-Derma Renewal Cream

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More often than not celebrities undergo a total surgical overhaul in order to look beautiful and sometimes they try the mechanical processes like microdermabrasion to remove the upper layer of dead skin and unleash the beautiful skin beneath. According to Heidi Waldorf, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, microdermabrasion or mechanical exfoliation is required in areas like chin, forehead and nose. Aluminum oxide crystals are used to remove the dead cells from the skin. Dr.Wu-Micro-Derma-Renewal-Cream-With-Aqua-CollagenAlthough, microdermabrasion is expensive, ordinary women can get the results of microdermabrasion at home without breaking their bank by using Dr. Wu Micro-Derma Renewal Cream with Aqua-Collagen.  It is an innovative medical-level treatment that incorporates several key ingredients such as micro-crystals used by dermatologists in microdermabrasion procedures and AHAs used in chemical peeling procedures. Dr. Wu is a known face in the Hollywood and is Harvard educated dermatologist. She has been behind creating a range of products that give glowing complexions to the Hollywood beauties and get them ready for the red carpet events. Dr. Wu has successfully blended the botanicals with the scientific formulations to create innovative skincare products. Brighten up the Skin For women who are looking for microdermabrasion for brightening up their complexion and want to give that pain a miss, Dr. Wu Micro-Derma Renewal Cream just does the job without causing any redness on your face or flaky skin.  In order to get a lighter complexion, at least 2 sessions of microdermabrasion are required. For those women who have rough patches or pigmentation on the skin, even 3 to 4 sittings are needed, which can last for a few months and can, cost huge money. Get the extra exfoliation and restore the skin texture and natural glow in just a few days of application. In other words, you can polish your skin at home and at your convenience without incurring huge expenditure. Fight Aging Microdermabrasion not only brightens up the skin complexion but also removes the aging layer of the skin and reduces the occurrence of fine lines as well as resurfaces the skin. Dr. Wu Micro-Derma Renewal Cream is packed with super hydrating complex called Aqua-Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate and draws water to the skin and hydrates the skin. This formula is also effective in preventing the loss of moisture and reduces dry patches during exfoliation process. Dr. Wu Micro-Derma Renewal Cream is targeted for normal and sensitive skin. This advanced formula stimulates the collagen production and tightens up the skin giving it a more youthful appearance.


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