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Fall foliage is nature’s splendor, while hair foliage is a woman’s tragedy. So, you love seeing falling leaves for hours, but losing hair is not fun. In this weather, it is all the more important for everyone to take care of hair.  For celebrities like Selena Gomez or Sarah Jessica Parker who flaunt beautiful manes, every day is a good hair day and there is no bad weather, because they are so picture-perfect amidst the environmental aggressors. So, why can’t an ordinary woman get hair like celebrities? Now, that you have damaged your hair after frequent blowouts or changing the colors frequently or using curling irons and too many products, it is time to take stock of your hair condition and take necessary steps to get back on track.  Remember, even celebrities follow a strict regimen to get beautiful and healthy hair. Follow the tips to get celebrity like hair. To each her Own If your friend is buying a particular brand of shampoo, that does not mean you are buying the same brand and same type. You should rather analyze your hair type and see what is the best product suited for that hair type. It is advisable to check the label for more information about the ingredients. If your scalp is oily and you are looking for ultra-moisturizing conditioner, you are sure to damage your hair, because ultra-moisturizing conditioner is meant for extremely dry hair. On the other hand, volumizing shampoos are meant for oily scalp not for dry hair. So, just a little bit of careful planning while selecting the product goes a long way in assuring the best results. Check the water temperature Ok, you got the right shampoo and conditioner, yet your hair follicles are breaking, you must check the water temperature. If you have habits of taking long showers with hot water, try to cool down. Hot water is detrimental to the health of your skin as well as your hair. So, get in the habit of cool showers for shorter duration. When shampooing your hair, concentrate on cleaning the scalp first rather than washing the hair, because clean scalp makes healthy hair. Moisturize your Hair Strands Oftentimes, people apply oil in the scalp, whereas, more than scalp, your hair strands need oil.  Using lightweight oil like Moroccanoil is the best way to treat your dry, dull and frizzy air. Even if you have oily hair, try applying a few drops of Moroccanoil on your hair strands to shine your hair.


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