How to get soft lips like celebrities?

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Autumn is soon giving way to winter and it is this time of the year, when dry and chapped lips go unnoticed. The effect of change in weather is seen not only on your skin but on lips as well. Of course, you don’t leave your home without lipstick or lip-gloss. But, there is more to lips than just a lipstick. You must be wondering, how come stars like Angelina Jolie manage to get perfect lips all the year round. Well, it requires a lot of discipline, not the magic wand. So, why not indulge in a perfect lip care regimen like celebrities. Follow the tips to get soft, luscious and kissable lips. Scrub it out If you thought, scrubs were just for sloughing off dead skin on face, think again. Lips also need some scrubbing from time to time. In fact, once a week you should use scrub on your lips, if you want soft and smooth lips. You can use home-made scrubs with sugar and honey and apply on your lips and rub it off after a while. While sugar sloughs off dead skin, honey hydrates your lips. Lemon and sugar scrub is good too. Applying this scrub once a week can give you beautiful lips. Avoid Sun Of course, we all know the damaging effects of sun on the skin. We forget lips. So, avoiding sun or in fact, using sun-defying lip balm is the perfect solution to keep the lips soft and smooth and add a protective layer. To reverse the damage caused by sun, you need to keep your lips healthy and use Fabeaulux anti-aging lip gloss with collagen peptides. Apart from, avoiding sun, you need to drink lots of water especially your lips are dry and parched. Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your lips but also for your skin. Bedtime Routine As the temperature drops, the air inside the home gets drier and your lips need constant hydration. So, keep a lip balm ready by the bedside. So, before going to bed, apply a rich coat of lip balm and keep your lips hydrated in the night time. Dr.Hauschka Skincare lip Balm gives you soft and silky shine instantly. It is ok to miss one or two nights, but the best strategy is to keep an extra lip balm by your bedside. If you want to know a little secret of celebrities, it is a lip plumper. So, if you are looking for plumping your lips naturally, try Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips containing DAE complex and lipid soluble vitamin C that makes your lips plump, soft and smooth.


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