International Make-up Artist Nadira V Persaud Recommends Bioderma

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Often people believe that digital airbrushing or Photoshop techniques can turn a regular looking model into a diva and using these techniques demanda lot of precision. However, beautiful models, who walk the ramp at the international stage like Paris Fashion Show, need real products that work on their beautiful skin and hence they rely on Bio-derma products that remove make-up in an instant. In fact, international make-up artist Nadira V Persaud recommends Bioderma for all the celebrities and her clients. Bioderma wipes heavy mascara and liner in just a few seconds and moreover it feels like water and does not cause any skin irritation. In other words, this is an elixir for fashion models and celebrities. Now, this beauty secret of celebs is available to regular women who want to put on and wipe away the make-up without causing any trouble to their skin. If you want to look like beauties, follow these simple rules. Never Go to Bed with Make-up On Whether you want to look like fashion model or are fond of putting up so much of bronzer, you need a perfect tool to remove make-up so that your skin is safe and healthy. Oftentimes, women do not remove the make-up after a long and tiring day at work or after a late-night party. However, the effect of not taking right action is visible in a few days on your skin. So, it is recommended that make-up should be removed carefully from the skin before you go to bed.  Try Fragrance-Free and Alcohol-Free Cleanser Most of the cleansers available in the market have artificial fragrances and chemicals and especially alcohol. Using alcohol on your skin makes it rough and cause redness and blemishes. Heavy fragrances should also be avoided as they can harm the sensitive skin. Bioderma Sensibio H20 is meant for sensitive skin and it is a non-rinse cleanser which makes the skin feels fresh instantly. It is a soap-free solution helps in removing the impurities. Help Your Skin It is important to know that skin takes care of itself and a product that can help skin do its job better is needed rather than a product that takes skin’s job. Whether you have a sensitive skin or a normal skin, the pH balance of skin needs to be maintained so that it can function properly. Bioderma products are formulated to enhance skin’s natural pH balance.


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