Jessica Alba: The Pretty Face of Dermalogica

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Winter is the time to treat friends and family and also to keep glowing.  Celebrations and parties are the reason for the season. Therefore, women need to up their ante and flaunt a gorgeous skin inside and out by picking the best beauty brands and exclusive products. The joy doubles when you share the same beauty brand as your favorite Hollywood star. For all the women who are the fans of Good Luck Chuck actress Jessica Alba, here is a little piece of information. This lovely lady, who has been called a “Sex Symbol”, has been using Dermalogica and she is endorsing this brand.  This brand has been making the headlines since its inception and its USP is dermatologically tested beauty products that bring about noticeable results and you can see how Jessica looks stunning all the time. The reason why Dermalogica has got a major fan following among celebrities is the pure ingredients which are needed by our skin. These include antioxidants and vitamins. Fantastic Four For women, who are new to skincare and the philosophy of beauty, from ancient times the beauty has been about determination, commitment and routine. Dermalogica brand is based on the philiosophy that the outer skin looks beautiful when it is healthy inside. Therefore, the brand offers skin treatment not products. However, one needs to start on beauty voyage with four essential products including Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Dermalogica daily microfoliant, Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance and Dermalogica AGE Smart Skin Perfect Primer. Jessica Alba told to Style Magazine, that Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is a must have product in her make-up bag. The use of the fantastic four products will not only prevent your skin from any damages but will correct the skin problems giving you an au natural look. Dark Angel For women who develop dark spots due to aging, changes in hormones, acne and photosensitivity (exposure in sun), Dermalogica actually works systematically in improving the overall health of the skin. With the regular use of Dermalogica products you can reverse the damage and turn into a bright angel. If the spots are due to acne, the most important reason is irritating soap and swapping the drugstore cleanser with the mild one is a better idea. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a soap-free foaming gel and contains mint and lavender extracts to calm the skin. Exfoliating skin on a regular basis with Dermalogica Microfoliant is another healthy way to get a brighter complexion. 


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