Keep Summer Skin Problems at Bay with Jurlique

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For those who have dry skin, the skin troubles increase manifold in summer months than during winters. The dryness increases in summer even though the air is humid. According to skin experts and dermatologists, the number one reason for dryness in summers is long and frequent showers. If you are thinking that by taking showers you are going to beat the heat and hydrate your skin, you are actually stripping away natural oils and moisture from your skin. Now, you can definitely restrict your shower time to 10 minutes, but you still need to keep the skin hydrated by wearing a good moisturizer that can also save you from environmental aggressors. Therefore, Jurlique has introduced a new product Jurlique Rose Moisture Antioxidant Complex Moisturizing Cream. This cream offers luxurious hydration and antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Get the Protection from Natural Ingredients When you go to spa, one thing that helps you instantly rejuvenate is the beautiful and luxurious scent of essential and aromatic oils. These oils not only lift your mood but also improve your overall health including the health of your skin. Enjoy the spa like treatment at home with Jurlique Rose Moisture Antioxidant Complex Moisturizing Cream. This product contains lightweight non-greasy oils from Rosehip, Avocado, Safflower and Macadamia. These oils are rich in vitamins that can help retain moisture in the dry and dehydrated summer skin.  The natural extracts of Green Tea, Grape Seed, Rose Hip, and Soy Proteins help shield your skin from the damage caused by the pollution and harmful sun rays. If you have dry and flaky skin or blemish prone skin, this product not only makes your skin healthy and smooth, but also enhances the texture of the skin. Getting into the routine of wearing Jurlique Rose Moisture Antioxidant Complex Moisturizing Cream early can eliminate the problems of dry and sensitive skin and also prevent premature aging which is mainly caused by dryness.  Calm your Dry Skin with Night Mist According to Ranella Hirsch, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, due to hot and humid weather, we sweat a lot and our healthy skin loses minerals. Spraying a facial mist not only calms the irritation of dry skin, but also moisturizes your skin. Use the sprays and mists to provide fluid to your skin, just the way you drink Gatorade to get fluid. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Mist is a restorative antioxidant facial mist which makes skin look soft, smooth and glowing. Get special discounts on entire range of Jurlique products only at, your premier choice for skincare needs.


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