Let your Hair Loose in 2014 with neuHAIR Kit from Skin Research Laboratories

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The winter winds cause fizzy, dry and unmanageable hair celebrity stylist Nick Chavez and a QVC hair car expert says that environmental damage is same during winter as well as summer, but due to negligence, people face more problems in this season. It is not only the outside temperature that is detrimental to your hair, but the temperature inside the house is also the culprit that causes dryness and robs the moisture from your hair. The solution is plain and simple and that is taking care of your hair and choosing the right products that bring the natural shine back to your hair and create a protective barrier on your crowning glory. Therefore, Skin Research Laboratories has launched its new product a neuHAIR, which is an award winning product. Skin Research Laboratories has been pioneer in beauty industry and has created award winning products like neuLASh for promoting the growth of eyelashes. Bounce Back Lifeless and thin hair does not go with the festive mood of New Year. Therefore one should choose the moisturizing formula that not only conditions your hair but adds a lot of volume. The deep conditioners work well but they do not promote the hair growth, they just help you to manage the dull and lifeless hair.  NeuHAIR, a hair enhancing serum which is highly effective in making your hair appear thicker and fuller in a few weeks and promotes the hair growth. It is leave-in foam that provides healthy nutrients directly to the scalp and promotes the hair growth from the root. Power of Peptides When it comes to skin, we nourish the facial skin with the best of minerals and vitamins as well as peptides by using the topical treatments, but we subject our hair to environmental damage and do not check the ingredients in the conditioner bottle. NeuHAIR contains the powerful blend of peptides, proteins, vitamins and conditioning agents that give your hair the complete nourishment and improve the overall health of your hair. So, this holiday season, get a new look with neuHAIR, available at Javaforbeauty.com at discounted rates.


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