Lisa Eldridge, an Internationally Acclaimed Make-up Artist Recommends Bioderma

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Hollywood stars and fashion models look gorgeous with flawless skin. It seems they never have any skin troubles such as acne or sensitive skin. Well, there may be two reasons that all the celebrities manage to look stunning, one is that they take good care of their nutrition and skin and the other being the entourage of experts around them to give professional advice. When it comes to the skin care, the make-up artists play an important role in helping celebrities choose the right products for their skin according to their skin types. Now, you too can follow the footsteps of Hollywood beauties by using the products recommended by make-up artists. One of the most famous and celebrated make-up artists is Lisa Eldridge who has made a mark in international beauty and fashion industry. She discovered Bioderma, a cleanser formulated for extremely sensitive skin, in one of the French pharmacies. Lisa used Bioderma cleansers in several fashion shows and red carpet events to remove the make-up quickly. Effective Cleansing  
When you are in a hurry to remove make-up, the best way to do is to wash your face with a very gentle cleanser. However, even the mildest cleanser available in drugstore aisles does not remove the remnants of make-up in a quick wash and the sensitive skin cannot tolerate any cleanser for a long time. Therefore, Bioderma used micelle (molecular clusters) solution which is as good as water and is formulated for sensitive skin. This product sucks out everything such as make-up and debris without causing any irritation or redness. According to Lisa Eldridge, her skin is oily/combination and prone to spots, breakouts, blackheads and pigmentation. Therefore, she needed a gentle cleanser. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution is an ultra-mildest and soap free cleanser which maintains the natural pH balance of the skin. Ophthalmological Tested Your eyes are precious and therefore you use the best quality eye make-up, but what about the make-up remover. Have you ever thought that removing make-up from eyes can prove dangerous, if the products are not clinically approved? Bioderma Sensibio H2O is tested under ophthalmological supervision and guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance. Reduction in Sebum Secretion BiodermaSebium H2O gently cleanses the skin by micro-emulsifying impurities and excess sebum and does not dry out the skin. The regular use of this product reduces the sebum secretion without causing redness or irritation to the skin. It contains purifying active Sébium H2O, Sebo-correcting complex and patented Fluidactiv. Bioderma line of product is the best response to all skin problems such as dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, black heads and acne.Get amazing discounts on Bioderma products only at along with loads of samples and free shipping in California and LA regions.


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