Make Every Day a Perfect Hair Day with Revitalash Hair

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If you are thinking that you have troubled tresses because of your genes then think again. There are various reasons for thin and lack-lustrous hair ranging from unhealthy eating habits to excessive use of hair styling instruments and from environmental damage to not using the right shampoos and conditioners. But, the best alternative is to repair and correct the damage that has already been done. RevitaLash brand has launched RevitaLash Hair advanced hair conditioner that instantly transforms thin and fragile-looking hair into voluminous hair. Boost your Confidence and Style with RevitaLash For women who have excessively thin hair, it is difficult to enjoy the life they wish to. There are many women who have trouble with their hair and shed more than the normal range of 110-150 hairs per day due to several medical conditions such as pregnancy, thyroid deficiency, stress and hormonal or genetic diseases According to American Academy of Dermatology, “Female pattern hair loss, impacts about 30 million American women,”  Therefore, this is a common female problem. RevitaLash Hair advanced hair conditioner is a perfect way to boost the confidence and sense of styling in women with thin and sparse hair. Give your Hair Power of Proteins According to the New York based nutritionist Dr. Lisa Drayer, “Hair is about 97% of proteins and without enough protein your body cannot replace the hair that you naturally shed every day and what you do make can be dry, brittle or weak.” Therefore, for women who hate protein-rich diet, it is important to supply the protein to the hair by way of volumizing products such as shampoos and conditioners rich in protein.  These products make the hair appear fuller and denser. RevitaLash is a hair volume enhancer that includes the plant-based extracts and proteins in abundant quantities to improve the appearance of weak and fragile-looking hair. Compensate for Deficiency of Biotin Biotin is an important component of enzymes in the body. The deficiency of biotin is seen in the symptoms like thinning of hair.  Therefore, it is important to compensate the loss of biotin either by supplying the food rich in biotin nutritionist Dr. Lisa Drayer says “ Walnuts are rich in biotin which helps protect your cells from DNA damage,“Again biotin deficiency can be fulfilled by applying RevitaLash Hair which is a breakthrough hair conditioner. RevitaLash Hair contains BioPeptin Complex which is a proprietary peptide blend with biotin and panthenol that makes dull and weak hair look strong and healthy. So for those women who have thin and sparse hair, RevitaLash Hair is the proprietary formula containing natural ingredients.


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