Miss Photogenic Washington Elise Hamamoto’s Must-have is Hydropeptide Lip Plumper

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Same can be said about the photogenic smile of beautiful Elise Hamamoto, who was chosen as Miss Photogenic Washington USA 2011. Elies Hamamoto bagged the title of miss photogenic due to her camera ready smile. Speaking of smile, one thing that makes your smile brighter and better is beautiful and full lips. Yes, Emile Hamamoto’s smile is due to her beautiful lips. For those who feel that she is genetically blessed to have luscious lips, it is news that she uses hydropeptide lip plumper to get that sexy pout and a winning smile. Say Cheese with Ease In this smartphone savvy world you have ample of opportunity to get clicked and showcase yourself to the world through social media sites. You don’t have to be a celebrity to get more following on twitter or more friends on Facebook.  You just need a smiling face with a great attitude. However, the chapped lips can make you look unattractive despite having beautiful face. A lip gloss can hydrate your lips effortlessly and instantly.  A lip gloss is a great tool in the arsenal of Hollywood celebrities. However, lip gloss alone is not the long lasting solution for uneven, dry and dull lips. Therefore you need a product that can give you plump, smooth and full lips naturally. Hydropeptide Lip Plumper is a gloss with a lip plumper that adds volume to your lips and soothes your chapped lips. Unleash Glamorous Lips You need a little glamor in your life and for those special events like date, prom night or wedding of a best friend. Luscious, smooth and full lips can lend you a glamorous look like on-screen divas.  However, the environmental aggressors like UV rays and aging dehydrate your lips completely. When you are in your forties you need to take special care of your skin including lips. Most of the women are unaware of the advantages of exfoliating their lips. Hydropeptide Lip Plumper is a healthy way to exfoliate your lips. When you apply this product nightly for about a week, you will notice the dead skin cells are gone and your lip feel softer and smoother.  Get flirty with the kissable finishing touch of strawberry-mango flavor and get glamorous lips. Award Winning Brand For those who love to try tested and certified beauty products, it is important to check the ratings and awards given by leading beauty magazines to a particular brand. HydroPeptide Lip has received the award for Best Lip Plumper 2010 from Truthinaging.  This universally pleasing neutral shade gloss has a powerful blend of peptides that not only nourish your lips, but also boost your lip line naturally without the use of liner and restore their moisture balance without being sticky.


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