Obagi: Budget-Friendly Solution for Skin Discoloration

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Does skin discoloration bother you? Of course, it does and many women prefer the easy solution of hiding those marks behind the foundation. Now, foundation is a quick-fix, but there is nothing eliminating skin discoloration from the root. Before, we get to a perfect solution for skin discoloration, it is important to know what causes skin discoloration at the first place. Skin discoloration is also called hyperpigmentation or melisma. When the production of melanin increases in the skin, the brown or dark patches are formed in that area and are visible. The excess production of melanin may be due to pregnancy, adrenal gland dysfunction, birth control pills, skin injuries and drugs. There is one more culprit that may be responsible for dark/brown patches on your skin. It is exposure to harmful sun rays. Coming to the solution, Obagi is a brand that works wonders on discolored skin and corrects the damages caused due to various factors. The USP of Obagi products is to offer dermatology solutions using advanced skin rejuvenation technologies.  Obagi products are developed by dermatologists and are clinically tested and therefore offer a wide range of benefits. Power of Hydroquinone Call it melasma, hyperpigmentation, age spot or by any other name, dermatologists often prescribe hydroquinone based creams to lighten and even out the dark patches on the skin. Whether, these dark spots are the mask of pregnancy or they are due to premature aging and excessive exposure to scorching sun, the solution is hydroquinone. Obagi offers hydroquinone based clarifying serums for normal, dry as well as oily skin types. The patented formula of Obagi-C Clarifying Serum combines 10% of vitamin-C with 4% of hydroquinone. The lightweight serum goes deep in the skin layers and controls the melanin production while boosting the collagen production and cell renewal to give excellent results within a few days of use. Treat Skin Conditions with Tretinoin Sometimes due to severe acne, some marks are left behind. Therefore, many dermatologists prescribe Tetinoin based creams that are effective in decreasing the acne conditions and heal the pimples faster. Tretinoin is a class of retinoids that promote cell renewal and thus treat the dark spots and corrects the skin damage caused due to aging. Obagi Trentinoin Cream 0.1%, Obagi Trentinoin Cream 0.5% and Obagi Trentinoin Cream 0.025% are available. These creams are effective not only in improving the skin tone or treating acne conditions, but they are highly effective in reversing the signs of aging due to their cell renewal capability. With Obagi in your medicine cabinet, you can fight rough and pigmented skin and transform it into youthful and glowing skin regardless of the skin type and condition.


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