Obagi Sunscreen Blocks the UVA Rays like a Sun Shield

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As spring is around the corner and everyone is going to come out in the sun more often, chances are high that you will get bronzed. However, many women are oblivious to the fact that going out in the sun without any protection increases the chances of exposing your beautiful and glowing skin to the harmful UV rays of sun. Sun often does more damage than you have thought. Apart from sunburn, there is high likelihood of premature aging and getting brown spots all over your face, which undermines your beauty.  Of course, you can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, but sunglasses won’t guarantee facial protection. Now, you can’t avoid going out in the sun, but you can protect yourself against excessive exposure to sun by wearing a sunscreen moisturizer with high SPF. However, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure to sun. Get radiant looking skin even in spring and summer with a good quality sunscreen like Obagi sunscreen. Obagi has various kinds of sun defying moisturizers, physical UV blocks and sun protection creams that shield your skin effectively from the harmful sun rays. Obagi products have been the choice of many women due to the following reasons High SPF for Better Skin Protection For those who are buying the sunscreen for the first time, it is important to know that SPF (Sun Protection Factor) number printed on the moisturizer, can tell you if you will get enough protection from harmful sun rays. If a moisturizer is 15 and above, it is considered ok to use, but Obagi sunscreens have a SPF as high as 50. Therefore, Obagi creams and sun blocks can give higher protection than any other sunscreens available in the market. Anti-Aging Sun Protection Most of the women who are in their twenties do not know that if they go out in sun without wearing any sunscreen, they are getting ready for a premature aging. Yes, even a small amount of exposure to sun rays can cause wrinkles and fine lines way before your mom had experienced. Now, this can be avoided by trying anti-aging sunscreens like Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield with SPF 50. Natural Ingredients Suitable for All Skin Types If you have acne prone and sensitive skin and the sunscreen you use increases the redness or blemish, then it is clear that your sunscreen contains some chemicals which do more damage than sun. Therefore, it is important to choose natural sunscreens that are made up of plant extracts and other natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. In fact, Obagi has sun defying moisturizers and creams that are effective on sensitive skin as well as oily skin.


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