Oscar 2014 Winner Matthew McConaugheyis Jurlique’s Fan

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Matthew McConaughey may be much sought-after Hollywood star after winning an Oscar for his film Dallas Buyers Club, but he is a self-confessed fan of Jurlique. A source revealed that he was using various products like Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream on the set of Dallas Buyers Club and guesses what he requested to keep this amazing firming cream after filming as well. The list of Jurlique fans is getting bigger with Ben Affleck and Evan Handler also following the suit. Both these hunks were found using Jurlique products including Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream. Versatile Firming Cream with 100% Results Jurlique is truly a bigger star than the Hollywood stars because it delivers fantastic performances and is worthy of a bigger award than an Oscar, because it gives instant results and makes the skin appear soft, smooth and younger looking with the first application. Best of all, the product is more versatile than finest of actors and appeals to both men and women equally. The best of spas in LA offer the Jurlique facials for the celebrity clients. However, you don’t need an expensive treatment from the famous spas, because you can get a quick facial by ordering Jurlique Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream online at Javaforbeauty.com and give your face. Jurlique conducted clinical studies which suggested that women who used Jurlique cream for 6 weeks showed increased firmness and this makes Jurlique, the best performer with 100% score. Power-Packed Serums Apart from age-defying cream, there are several products from Jurlique brand that offer power-packed performance and work best on skin. Whether you are looking for day cream or an eye cream, Jurlique delivers the power of botanicals. The latest buzz is about neck serums. Jurlique offers the herbal recovery neck serum, which has become all the more popular because it is rich in antioxidants and plant oils which are effective on the most delicate, yet neglected part of your face, the neck. The power of serum is also accepted by dermatologists. According to Dr. Ellen Murmur, the founding director of Murmur Medical and the top dermatologist, “Serums are effective as they are light-weight and are great for anyone whose skin issues fluctuate. From liquid to a thin lotion, they can penetrate in the skin deeper. They are effective in delivering antioxidants and brightening agents to the skin.” Whether you are star-struck or not, but one thing is true that Jurlique has emerged as a new star of the skincare industry. Get huge spring discounts on your favorite Jurlique products only at Javaforbeauty.com, your premier choice for skincare needs.


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