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Spring has set in, sun is out and so are you. Now, that you don’t need to be reminded about sunscreen, yet many women do not know that their lips also need sun-protection. It is true, that we focus on the wrinkles on our face and want an even skin ton, but lips are always neglected and they should be protected from the harmful rays, just like the rest of your body. The best way is to apply lip balm or the lip gloss with moisturizing ingredients that protect the lips from wrinkles and dryness. If you are in your thirties and want to prevent premature signs of aging around your lip line, the best idea is to use an anti-aging lip gloss. Celebrities like Demi Moore, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Aniston, think anti-aging whenever they choose their lip product and see the ingredients such as peptides, collagen and antioxidants. Speaking of lip gloss, Fabeaulux is an anti-aging lip gloss containing collagen and peptides and instantly gives plumping effect to dry, chapped and dull lips. Moisturize your Lips Women who have dry skin and dry lips are more susceptible to premature aging. Therefore, the best way is to keep your lips moisturized naturally by drinking lots of water and also using lip gloss. The moment you wake up the wrinkled lips make your day worse. Fabeulux lip gloss is the best way to brighten your dull morning and feel good and stay free of worries, as the peptide-based lip gloss not only seals moisture but also reduces the lines around the edge of your lips. Discover Range of Colors For those who thought lip gloss is for teens, think again. Lip glosses are available for each age group. There are range of colors and a broad array of choices available when it comes to the type of lip gloss to choose. Jeanne San Diego, a freelance makeup artist based in Southern California says “Lip gloss caters to different needs and different age groups. Some are sheerer and some give you a more natural look, like a hint of color."Fabeaulux has many choices ranging from sheers to shimmer and from hint of colors to full colors. For women, who love bold colors there are different dark shades like burgundy and each pigment has color and hence there is absolutely no need to spend money on lip-liner or a lipstick. All you need is just dab a generous amount of gloss on your lips and give your lips a zing. Shiny lip gloss can actually make you look younger than your biological age. Get huge spring savings on Fabeaulux products only at,your premier choice for skincare needs.


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