RevitaLash: A Sophisticated Fusion of Science and Beauty

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The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes. Beautiful and long eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. Long and luscious lashes are then symbol of beauty in the entertainment world, which is why all the Hollywood divas don gorgeous eyelashes. Not all the stars were born with perfect eyelashes. So, the solution is not the fake lashes because they are highly unsafe, but the eyelash enhancer or eyelash conditioner for restoring the growth of eyelashes naturally. Hollywood’s leading ladies believe in clinically tested products that are safe and do not cause any irritation. There are various lash growth serums available in the market. But, Hollywood’s favorite is the only one. In an interview on Extra TV, make-up artist Meg spilled the beans that Revitalash is the favorite eyelash conditioner of Hollywood beauties. Clinically Proven & Safe for Use When it comes to our eyes, we prefer nothing but the best and safe product. Revitalash is the product which is not only clinically proven but also has been created with love by an ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Brinkerhoff for his wife Gayle, who lost her eyelashes due to metastatic breast cancer. In order to restore the beauty and strength of his wife’s dull and lifeless lashes, Dr. Brinkerhoff created an incredible formulation, which not only proved an amazing gift for his wife, but also for all the women across the globe. Years of research and knowledge in the field of ophthalmology has been transferred into this beautiful eyelash enhancer. Therefore, this product is totally safe and clinically proven to be used on eyelashes. Powerful Peptides with Botanicals Some women are born with thin and fragile lashes, but some are born with beautiful lashes but lack of care and aging may lead to thinning of lashes. Sometimes excessive use of mascara and other eye make-up also results in thinning of eyelashes. The only way to bring back the lost natural beauty is by combining the natural plant extracts with powerful peptides which are essential to support the renewal and growth process of lashes. Therefore, Revitalash Nouriche Eyelash Conditioner is formulated to fortify your lashes with the blend of peptides and botanicals. It also stops the breakage of lashes and protects it from the environmental and physical damage. Regular use of this product ensures the speedy growth of the lashes. Ongoing Journey Since its inception in 2006, Revit Lash has been very popular and is in great demand not only among entertainment industry but from the women of all walks of life. The journey of Dr. Michael Brinkerhoff did not end with RevitaLash, but it continued and he has added several functional cosmetics and innovative beauty products. Some of the most popular products are RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner, RevitaLash Hair Advanced Hair Conditioner, Volumizing Mascara, Volumizing Primer, RevitaLash Fine Line Primer, Spotlight Highlighting Pencil and Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner.


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