Ring in the spring with Dr. Wu Super BB Cream with SPF 28

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Spring is already there and summer is not far behind.  Now you need to take extra protection for your skin. This is the time, when your skin is exposed to sun more often because you are out enjoying the beauty of the nature. However, the idea of applying multiple beauty products on your face every time you step out of the house including moisturizer and a sunscreen and a make-up base may add to the troubles of the rush hour. Therefore, BB creams or the Blemish Balm creams are the best solution for the busy women, as they include the tinted moisturizer and the sunscreen in a single product. Although, chemical-based BB creams are everywhere in the beauty aisles of your drugstore, but mineral-based BB creams are popular with Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock, as they contain hydrating ingredients and offer better coverage.  Speaking of mineral-based formula, Dr. Wu Super Bright Blemish Balm Cream with SPF 28 reduces the steps in the beauty care by offering whitening, hydrating, UV protection and anti-wrinkle solution in one tube. Look Natural with Dr. Wu Super BB Cream Many women do not prefer the heavy foundation on their skin, yet want to look professional, need a quick-fix like BB cream. With Dr. Wu Super BB Cream, you need to just apply one cream after washing the face and you can see the shimmer on your face. It feels like a lightweight foundation, but conceals a lot of blemishes and acne scars. Dr. Wu, a Dermatologist and the founder of Dr. Wu says, “BB cream is a good solution for someone who's very natural and doesn't like the idea of wearing makeup, but wants to protect her skin and cover up some imperfections.One Solution for All Skin-types Spring is the time to clean-up your skincare cabinet too and get rid of all those heavy and light weight foundation and moisturizers, all you need is just one BB cream to have a better protection against harmful sunrays. Whether you have a dry skin or an oily one, Dr. Wu Super BB cream is the perfect solution for all skin types. It contains powerful ingredients such as Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid which has proven moisturizing and skin lightening properties. For those who have a sensitive and acne-prone skin, this product helps conceal the acne scars while providing moisture. With SPF of 28, Dr. Wu Super BB cream offers adequate protection against UV rays and premature aging. Get some spring savings on the entire range of Dr. Wu products only at Javaforbeauty.com, your premier choice for skincare needs.


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