Say Goodbye to your Dermatologist

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As summer gives way to fall, many women suddenly seem to be so concerned about their skin and as they go for their annual wellness visits they also consider seeing a dermatologist.  It seems good idea to see a skin care specialist who can address your skin issues such as acne, dry and damaged skin, premature aging, brown spots etc.  In hindsight, it is a waste of time and money, because these issues are due to lack of skincare routine and right knowledge of products.  Consider following points before you go to your dermatologist. Skin Diseases vs. Skincare Issues Often women encounter skincare issues such as brown spots which emerge suddenly after the summer. These brown spots are as a result of exposure to sun and these brown spots are seen more after the oiliness of summer skin has started drying up. Therefore, women prefer to go to dermatologist to get the temporary relief for the brown spots. However, brown spots are not skin disease; they are the result of not using sunscreen at all or inadequate use of sunscreen. So, a little guidance can help you solve the problem. Dermatologists are trained to combat skin diseases not the skincare issues. Anti-Aging Treatment Many women go to dermatologist assuming that they will find elixir of youth in the office of dermatologist. The truth is otherwise. You won’t find a product that works immediately.  Of course, you will get some guidance how to improve your skin’s health in long run. Laser therapy and Botoxtreatments are definitely helpful, but they are quite expensive.  If you are looking for the short term anti-aging treatment that is in your budget, you need a better quality anti-aging treatment available at with myriad of choices.  . Brands like Cellex-C, Dermalogica, and Dr. Wu have anti-aging products that work for different skin types. Dry Skin Most of the women feel that dry skin is a skin disorder. Hence, they go to the doctor to see if they can get a quick relief. However, dry skin is not a disorder, it is your skin type and hence you need to keep your skin hydrating in order to keep it soft, smooth and younger looking. You need a good quality moisturizer that is meant for dry skin. There are some moisturizers that are meant for all skin types. It is equally important to understand when to apply moisturizer and the best time is immediately after taking shower or washing your face. This will help lock the moisture and prevent skin from drying.


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