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Some Hollywood divas are famous for their lip service. From luxurious lips of Eva Mendes to ultra-sexy pout of Megan Fox and from kissable lips of Monica Bellucci to fuller lips of Liv Tyler, beauty magazines talk about the beautiful lips of these Hollywood beauties. Women who show no signs of aging under eye and other parts of facial skin can also seem to look older if their lips are dry, dull and wrinkled. According to Paul M. Friedman, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Medical School, as we began to age skin including the lips produce less oil and therefore look dry and wrinkled. Therefore, it is essential to provide sufficient moisture to the lips and keep them hydrated. Exposure to UV rays can also add to the age-related dryness. Therefore, one needs a healing gloss with anti-aging properties.  Fabeaulux Fabeau Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss is the best solution for dry and chapped lips. Fights Wrinkles around Lips The fine lines are not only on face but also around the mouth and these wrinkles can be combated only by applying anti-aging lip gloss and hydrating the lips. According to New Orleans dermatologist Patricia K. Farris, thinning of lips is a part and parcel of aging process which is caused due to loss of fat cells and breaking down of collagen. Therefore, many dermatologists use collagen booster or injectable fillers to fight the signs of aging around lips. Fabeaulux Fabeau Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss is the cheaper and better alternative to expensive collagen booster. This gloss is enriched with collagen peptides to keep the lips hydrated, smooth and youthful.  Adding Volume Thin lips don’t look sexy and robs a woman’s beauty.  Therefore, celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier uses some quick tricks to create an illusion of full and plump lips by using the lip liner and lipstick. However, this is not the permanent solution for thin and dry lips. One needs a gloss that keeps the lips plump and juicy without causing any side effects or without using any concealer.  Fabeaulux Fabeau Lips Anti-Aging Lip Gloss keeps the pout smooth by giving a silky smooth and non-sticky texture on lips. This gloss is available in several shades to choose from. Fabeaulux lip gloss is a lightweight formula rich in moisture to treat dehydrated andchapped lips Alternative to Laser Resurfacing In order to restore fullness of the lips, many celebrities resort to laser resurfacing. However, laser treatment is very expensive, because one treatment of laser alone cannot help minimize the appearances of wrinkles. Fabeaulux anti-aging lip gloss can get you sun-kissed pout on lips.


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