Sekkisei Kose: A Trusted Brand in Skin Lightening Products

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As we are heading to summer, we think of holiday on beaches. With long hours on the beach, come the problems of sun burn, inflammation and those brown spots appearing as a result of hours in sun. Now, that tan is no more in vogue and celebrities like Emma Stone, Catherine Zeta Jones and Cameron Diaz has proved time and again that they look beautiful in brightening colors rather than the orange and bronze look. Therefore, brightening creams and skin lighteners are making way in skincare market in the USA.  While many of the celebrities go for skin lightening treatments at their favorite spas, some prefer the products on shelves.There is one brand that is pioneer in skin lightening products and is famous among Hollywood A-listers. It is Sekkisei Kose, which has squeezed the ancient Chinese and Japanese herbs in a small jar.  Whether you want a glowing skin or you want to hide those dark sun spots, Sekkisei Kose has products that are formulated by years of scientific research to work wonders on all skin types. Safe Ingredients Brown spots or sun spots are a great trouble for women of all ages. These brown spots are formed as a result of melanin production. Therefore, the most effective way to reduce the pigmentation or brown spots on the skin is by blocking the production of melanin. The skin lightening products are meant to reduce pigments.  However, some products use harmful products such as hydroquinone or bleach to get the job done. According to Dr. Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, herbs like licorice and vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C are safe way to reduce the pigments. Sekkissei Kose Essence Mask,  Sekkisei Cream Excellent, Sekkisei Lotion and Sekkisei Recovery Essence Excellent contain safe ingredients including licorice, Calendula extract,  Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Melothria Extract etc. These products have soothing properties that fight skin inflammation. Experts believe that Licorice extracts are highly effective in soothing the skin inflammation as well as in reducing the brown spots. Lift off Dull Skin with Whitening Mask For those who suffer from prominent discoloration in the skin, a brightening cream alone is not enough. One whitening mask that can be done at home without going to expensive spas while getting the benefits of exfoliation as well as moisturizer is Sekkisei Essence Mask. The mask comes in the form of pre-soaked sheets which are meant to unclog pores and remove dead cells by peeling of the dull skin transforming into smoother, brighter and even complexion.  Sekkisei Essence Maskis gentle for all skin types.


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