Stock up on your Winter Skincare Products and Enjoy 15% storewide discount

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Fall is the time to get ready for the winter and stock up all the things you might need in winter. Of course, you have done your winter shopping for clothes, shoes and everything in between. What about skincare and beauty products? Well, some women say, they use the same product the entire year. For those who believe that skincare products and regimen that you follow in summers are the same as you do in winters, it is time to debunk some myths. Gentle exfoliant over Scrubs In summers, you did use a good amount of chemical peels and sloughed off skin using heavy scrubs. Now, it is time to rethink before you exfoliate. Try a gentle exfoliant in winters to remove the dead skin cells, not to make your skin conditions worse.  Reducing the frequency of exfoliation can also do the trick.  Cooling temperatures are harsh on skin, so stay away from harsh scrubs. Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel contains natural exfoliating agents and enzymes in an oil-free, hydrating gel. This product can slough off dull skin while revealing the fresh skin with conditioning constituents. This gel contains humectant to seal the moisture without leaving the skin dry. Lock up your Lipids During winter, it is time to keep the lipids protected because a gentle wash with the water can strip away your natural oils and your skin will feel thirsty. So, it is important to use a creamy moisturizer if your skin is really dehydrated and protect the lipids. Glamglow THIRSTYMUD™ hydrating treatment is the perfect solution for winters and provides deep instant extreme hydration. This treatment is formulated using the scientifically advanced blend of Hyaluronic & Citric Acids for the deepest skin penetration and provides an instant, dewy, moist & youthful look. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which helps keep skin hydrated and attracts moisture into the skin. Prevent the Inflammation For those who have skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema, it is important that they use anti-inflammatory creams that soothe the inflamed skin and prevent the redness especially in winters. ObagiRosaclear Hydrating Complexion Corrector has light-reflective minerals which lead to more balanced-looking complexion. This formulation moisturizes the skin while reducing redness, blotches and rosacea-related blemishes. So, whether you are looking for moisturizers with hyaluronic acids or natural extracts or you want to buy your favourite gentle face wash, it is time to stock up your winter skincare products now and take advantage of store-wide discount of 15% on all items at


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