Tangled Hair Nightmares

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Do you have brittle, thin hair that tangles easily? Does it pull out and break when you try to brush it even easier than it tangles? Have you searched everywhere for the perfect, painless brush, to no avail? Well, me too.

The Problem

For someone with bleached grey, fine, naturally wavy hair, brushing can be an absolute nightmare. Dozens of oils, wash out conditioners, leave in conditioners, combs, and brushes later, I'm still stuck with my hair clumped in tangles with no chance of detangling without a side of balding. The closest I've ever gotten to a brush that works well for getting my hair out of tangles without pulling out nearly as much hair, was a dog brush. Yes, a dog brush from Petco. While this brush did work out the tangles, it hurt. Do brushes that work well painlessly not exist?

The Solution

I was extremely skeptical when I was introduced to the Tangle Angel Brush for the first time. Is this thing really going to work on my hair? Should I just give up now and shave all my hair off and buy some wigs? Obviously, that wasn't a practical solution, so I decided to give it a shot, and wow was I in for a surprise - this brush works amazingly! It may not look like a super advanced brush, but it really brushes through my hair, tangles and all, smoothly and painlessly. Okay, maybe there's the occasional pinch when the tangles get too extreme, but overall, I've never had a pleasant experience brushing my hair until using Tangle Angel. It glides through and un-knots seemingly impossibly unkempt hair, and as mentioned on the box, it even has special antibacterial additives that will reduce the growth of unwanted bacteria. It's such a simple product to use, and it's compact enough to bring with me when I travel too.

Babies and Children

Now, adults aren't the only ones with sensitive hair and scalps, right? Take babies, for example. My niece recently turned one, and she has very fine hair and, of course, an extremely sensitive scalp. Tangle Angel works perfectly on her hair as well, getting tangles out painlessly (she's smiling while brush, so trust me when I say she is in no pain) and styling her hair with ease. With the cute angel wing design, this brush also works as a distraction from the awful process of diaper changing - her favorite thing to do is use the Tangle Angel brush to brush her own hair while she's changed.

Great Variety

Not only are these brushes incredibly useful for a variety of people, they also come in a variety of colors and styles as well!

The standard Tangle Angel brush, which has heat resistant bristles, antibacterial additives and is built at 185mm big, comes in several different colors - Black, Pearl Pink, Pearl White, Fab Fuschia, Gorgeous Gold, Pop Purple, OMG Orange, and Totally Turquoise.

The Tangle Angel Cherub line, which is also heat resistant with antibacterial additives, and is a smaller size at 150mm, comes in Pearl Pink, Pearl White, and Pearl Silver.

Last but not least, the Tangle Angel Xreme, which is the largest model at 187mm, is so soft it works even on hair extensions. This brush, armed with heat resistant bristles and anti-static properties, comes in fewer colors than the others, with only Black or Neon Pink as options.

Where to Get Tangel Angel

If you're even considering using one of these brushes, whether it's for the cute design or for their amazing detangling abilities, you can purchase them right here on JavaForBeauty. Don't forget, if you order now and spend over $50.00, you can get 20% off your entire purchase with the code "LD2016" - but don't procrastinate, this deal is only available until September 30, 2016!



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