Tender Loving Care with Cellex-C

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Care is a small word with a great feeling. When a beauty product or beauty brand uses gentle ingredients that are safe for your skin as well as produce remarkable results, it truly means the tender loving care. For the skin that has stood the rigors of time and different season, the true care is the breakthrough nutrients available in topical formulation. Cellex-C is the brand that offers the gentle care of Vitamin C to serve the needs of millions of women all over the world, who suffer from aging or premature aging. Hide the Number with Betaplex Line Smoother Whether your skin is dry or normal, sensitive or oily, the signs of aging show up in the absence of proper skin care and topical treatment. For women looking for anti-aging topical treatment with the power of vitamin C and many acids in an adjusted pH base, Cellex-C offers the best results. Recently S Magazine’s beauty expert touted Cellex C Betaplex Line Smoother as a better option to beat wrinkles and signs of aging than Botox. Cellex C Betaplex Line Smoother is a revolutionary product that fights the signs of aging around all possible areas such as forehead, nose, upper lips and mouth and shows instant results. It is an oil-free formulation which contains 15% alpha and beta hydroxy acids and hyaluronic gel base to facilitate better absorption in the skin. This product causes dull and old cells to fall and stimulate the cell renewal. Wipe Away Wrinkles with Vitamin C Wrinkles are caused not due to aging alone, sometimes the wrinkles are sun-induced and women tend to show the signs of premature aging than men do, because the skin of women is more vulnerable to sun. Therefore, wrinkles and anti-aging industry has always focused on women’s needs and thus revolutionary products are born to provide gentle care to women’s soft and vulnerable skin. Cellex-C is a soothing product with gentle ingredients. The powerful topical agent Vitamin C is known to wipe the wrinkles away without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance. No cosmetic surgery and no chemicals. Cellex-C with Vitamin E Cellex-C products are loaded with the power of vitamin C and other vitamins that increase the potency of Vitamin C. Cellex C Seline E Cream is a rich moisturizer that contains the combination of Vitamin E, antioxidants and bioflavonoids to enhance the power of vitamin C and provide long lasting skincare and hydration that works 24/7. This is a product that is meant for both men and women and dry and normal skin.  Cellex C Seline E Cream fights with free radical and stimulates the healthy functioning of skin cells while preserving its healthy glow. Check out the range of Cellex-C products at Javaforbeauty.com


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