Three Reasons to Use Forever New’s Detergent Products

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Do you have stains on your clothes that seem to never wash off? Do your clothes fade in color because of how often you wash them? If you find yourself with faded, ripping clothing full of stains on them after washing, maybe the problem is your detergent. With Forever New, it’ll feel like you’re wearing a brand new shirt even months after purchase and wash. Reason #1 – Natural Ingredients While most detergents contain heavy chemicals that can be damaging to the fibers of your clothing and irritate sensitive skin, Forever New is made with the highest standards of pure, organic, and biodegradable materials. Insisting on "All the Best" ingredients, Forever New blends have quickly established a benchmark in garment care, safety, and environmental-friendliness. Forever New is perfect for those with sensitive skin, too, with products such as the Variance line being made hypoallergenic, perfume-free and dye-free, and the Baby line being made pure, natural, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. Also, like most laundry detergents and fabric care washes, Forever New products do not come with an expiration date. Why? Although over time, ingredients can separate and break down, Forever New comes in small enough containers that if this does happen, all you need to do is remix the product by shaking it. Also, Forever New products are made to order, so they are fresh when they arrive to you. Reason #2 – Machine & Hand Wash Safe Forever New can be used as any other soaps are in the washer, and can be used on all colorfast fabrics. These products are low sudsing, though, so if you see too many bubbles in your machine, you may be using too much. Forever New can also be used in HE machines by using half the amount you would in a regular washer. Since the formula is incredibly concentrated, half the amount will still get you a full cleanse! If you’d like more detailed information on how to hand wash versus machine wash, check out Forever New’s website here! Reason #3 – Stain Fighting that Works Still not convinced? Check out what previously satisfied customers have had to say about the Forever New Brand! On Forever New Gradiance
“I bought the liquid version... I find it works great on all delicates - it's cut my dry cleaning bill way down… This product keeps [my clothes] as soft as if I had washed and dried them. No ironing needed either. I wash all of my sweaters, skirts, and knits in this. I use it on the delicate cycle in my washer." "I bought this powdered version even though I was worried it would leave white powder or chunks on my clothes. I dissolve the recommended amount (1/4 cup) in water and then poured that into the washer and it worked just like the liquid did! Excellent. The powder dissolved amazingly fast in lukewarm water, and fairly quickly in cold." “This is the best hand wash detergent out there. I hand wash many things and they always smell good after using this product. If I have been in a "smokey" place, this detergent gets the smoke out easily as well.” “Forever New is the best. It washes all my lingerie in a few minutes and they smell wonderful. Just put in the sink with some cool water, let soak for 5 minutes and you are done. It helps keep the shape of all my bras and they still look brand new.”
On Forever New Ovacion
“I love it for all my delicates, but I also love it for those last minute emergencies when you have decided to wear that one favorite top, but then realize it is on the bottom of the laundry basket... I have filled a sink with water, added a few drops of Ovacion, swirled the shirt around to freshen it up, and then thrown it into the dryer while I shower and get ready. Voila! By the time I'm ready it is, too.” “The drycleaner's effort to remove a collar soil line from a white linen- blend suit jacket left yellowed area. A friend suggested Ovacion which she buys at a local boutique. I found it at… with a clean white cloth took out the yellow.” “A nice addition to the hand laundering line of products. It smells good, seems to be easy on my hands when washing my lingerie and sweaters and is easy to use.”
On Forever New Stain Remedy
“It works on many fabrics and is a great companion to Forever New wash.” “This product is especially good for clothes that are colored. You still have to rub it into the fabric and wait 5-10 minutes, but it does a good job of getting most stains out.” “excellent removed difficult stains from fine fabrics ....cashmere and silks” “It removes stains and doesn't fade color!”
On Forever New Variance
“This is a terrific washing for delicate clothing. It has no fragrance, which is exactly what I wanted and is hard to find. I have used this both in the sink for hand-washing and also in an HE washing machine. It works well for both. In the sink it dissolves quickly and easily. I have also tried with for everything from cashmere sweaters to delicate underwear items. This works perfectly.” “I use for sweaters and other delicates too and it works amazing and I've found it reduces pilling and stretching in my delicates And you only need a very tiny bit so a bottle lasts at least a year or two” “Worth every cent. A little goes a long way. It cleans well without nasty chemicals or fragrances. No protective gloves, goggles or apron needed. It rinses out easily too, leaving hand washables fresh and clean. Simple and effective. Highly recommend!”


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