Time to Shed Winter Skin with Organic Mineral Peel from O.R.G. Skincare

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Long and harsh winters are finally over in almost all the parts of North America giving way to April showers. Now, is the time to spring clean your skin! Yes, spring clean. It is time to get rid of your winter skin and unleash a beautiful and glowing skin underneath, so that when you step out of your home, you make the heads turn. The best way to do so is to find a best companion and Organic Mineral Peel from O.R.G. Skincare can be your trusted friend in removing the dead skin cells and discover new and beautiful you. No wonder, it is the most talked about brand in Hollywood these days. Recently, “Audrey” magazine touted Organic Mineral Peel as one of “the best products to shed winter skin.” O.R.G. Skincare also partnered with M Dot Design Studio for LA Fashion Week, where famous fashion blogger Kristi XOXO, launched her spring/summer 2014 collection and organic mineral peel lent beautiful looks to the models. De-Winterize your Skin with Organic Mineral Peel It is important to de-winterize your skin in the spring to get rid of dry and irritated skin. According to dermatologists Glenn Kolansky, MD, and Rachel Herschenfeld, MD, “Hydration and exfoliation are the keys to smoother skin for spring.” They suggest sloughing off dry skin cells with gentle exfoliator. Organic mineral peel, as the name suggests transports minerals back to your skin while gently exfoliating the flaky winter skin. This product was inspired by ancient Korean exfoliating massages. Therefore, you get the results of both a gentle massage and exfoliation after using this product. For those who have skipped exfoliation in winters, it is time to get into the habit of gentle exfoliation, all you need is just spray Organic Mineral Peel all over your body and slough off the dry skin and feel beautiful and soft skin. Organic Mineral Face peel is available for use on face only. Retain the Natural Oils Most of the people make the mistake of over-treating their skin. It is important to use the organic products that don’t strip away the natural oils from the skin. Organic Mineral Peel contains the organic ingredients such as aloe Vera, jojoba, grapefruit seed and cucumber hydrate the skin while Vitamin A and Vitamin B-1 treats acne-prone and hyper-pigmented skin. The regular use of organic mineral peel evens the skin tone and gives you a perfect start for spring. Get huge spring discounts on O.R.G. line of products only at Javaforbeauty.com, your premier choice for skincare needs.


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