Top Body Treatments Used by Celebrities

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The beauty of Hollywood stars enthralls everyone including both men and women. While men are moved by the spell binding magic of divas, women want to know their beauty secrets. It is not just the make-up tips, but the carefully picked beauty products that enhances the health of their skin are also the talk of the town. From glamorous divas to socialites and Hollywood stars to female sports personalities, celebrities are always in the news for using expensive spa treatments to weird beauty tricks such as bird poop facials. But there are some who get the perfect skin without using any weird formula or priciest product. They just choose their products carefully and get the best brand to work wonders on their skin.  Now, you can also take advantage of the exotic body treatments that celebrities swear by without spending too much of their dollars. Pamper your skin with Rose Petals There is no indulgence better than pampering your skin with rose petals. For those who are mesmerized with the beauty of “The Good Girl” Jennifer Anniston, the secret is revealed. Jennifer Anniston is the biggest fan of this rich body treatment called Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. The product is made of organic rose petals and Rose Damascena Flower wax and nourishes and heals the skin by penetrating in deep layers of the skin. Fight the Signs of Aging with Cellex-C Ageing beautifully is the buzzword. Looking for a cutting edge formula that works wonders on your skin without inflicting any pain on the skin. Celebrities are always under the scanner for using the botox treatments to subtract their age.  But, not all celebrities vouch for botox. Most of the Hollywood stars actually prefer clinical and botanical formulations over the botox treatment or any other surgical treatment. Cellex-C is the favourite brand of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Joan Collins, who show no signs of ageing and look forever young.   Trust the Vitamin C to fight away the signs of ageing. Get Organic Skincare at Home Apart from cleansing and moisturising, you need exfoliation as well as firming formula to give you a wonderful looking skin. It is inside the product that enhances the beauty outside. So, remember to use the organic and botanical products that are safe and gentle on your skin and help enhance the health of your skin.  ORG skincare has launched organic mineral peel, which has been the most important skin regimen of South Korean celebrities. Now, ORG skincare has found its way in Hollywood and results in beautiful, supple and soft skin. So, go completely organic with ORG skincare products available at Reverse the Damage of Environment Celebrities often wear high SPF sunscreen every single day, rain or shine and protect the skin from sun. Ultra-violet rays usually harm your skin by promoting the growth of free radicals that are enough to damage your beautiful skin.  For those who have already damaged their skin, you can heal your skin and restore the youthful radiance. Jan Marini, the favourite brand of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Vanessa Williams and Nomi Campbell offers Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub with superb re-texturing benefits for all skin types. Get soft, smooth and healthy skin with Jan Marini scrub.


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