Treat Hyper pigmentation with For Beloved One Whitening Products

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Hyper pigmentation refers to the darker patches on the skin. This condition occurs due to an increase in the production of melanin, which gives color to our skin. When your skin gets darker, the only quick-fix is wearing extra layer of make-up. However, excessive make-up can worsen the problem and therefore a long-term solution available is the lightening cream that treats pigmented section and erases the dark spots without causing any side effects on the skin. For Beloved One brand, which has been the pioneer in whitening products and is already popular among celebrities and stars in South Asia, is launching yet new range of whitening products containing advanced arbutin complex. The conventional arbutin also is considered a natural lightening agent, put the power of α-Arbutin complex offers quick results and is safer in comparison to the conventional arbutin. Right Solution for Your Skin For women who are aging, pigmentation alone is not a problem. They have to deal with other skin conditions such as dryness and wrinkles and fine lines.  According to Dr. Leslie Baumann, who is the author of “The Skin Type Solution” and is a cosmetic dermatologist, formulations that containin garbutin, hydroquinone, mulberry extracts or kojicacids are found to be very effective in treating the dark spots. The formulations enriched with Vitamin C are found to be more effective on the skin which is not only pigmented but is also dry, resistant and wrinkled. Therefore, using the right ingredients on your skin helps get safer and quicker results.  For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Vitamin C Essence contains highly stabilized Vitamin C (AA2GTM) which stops the generation of black pigmentation and treats the dark spots to bring a radiant and smooth complexion. Alternative to Hydroquinone Hydroquinone treatment or topical formulations are found effective in treating the hyper pigmentation across the North America, but there are certain side effects as a result of the use of hydroquinone creams or sunscreens. Hydroquinone is a hydroxyphenolic chemical which inhibits the production of melanin in the skin. Sometimes the reactions are adverse to the extent of allergies as well as excessive lightening of the skin along with nail discoloration. These problems gave way to further research on plant derived compounds. Arbutin is a naturally occurring plant-derived compound and is a derivative of hydroquinone. Several studies suggest that arbutin treated the hyper pigmentation and improved the skin conditions without any serious side effects. For Beloved One products are better alternatives to hydroquinone based topical creams.


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