Trust the Medical Expertise and Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

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For those who are in media and entertainment industry, Dr. Wu skincare products are not new and also the name of Dr. Wu does not need any further mention. Dr. Wu is a seasoned media expert. She has made appearances on Good Morning America, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, along with co-hosting “The Doctors” syndicated talk show. Dr. Wu has made regular appearances on the KTLA morning news in Los Angeles. Dr. Wu’s tips and advice has been the regular feature of leading newspapers such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, People, and Newsweek etc. Whether it is telling women to stay young with simple tips and tricks or suggesting remedies to winter proof their skin, Dr. Wu has been the most sought after dermatologist in TV industry as well as Hollywood. After years of experience in the field of cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Wu launched her skincare products which are very famous in USA as well as other countries worldwide. These products are often spoken about in news, TV and magazines.  Health, Allure, Elle, More, Marie Claire, InStyle, Female, Fitness, Self, US Weekly and Good Housekeeping are some of the names from the long list of popular magazines to have discussed about Dr. Wu Products. The main reason why Dr. Wu skin care brand is famous is because it offers products that are the perfect blend of eastern traditions and western science. Beauty of Botanicals Dr. Wu has turned to ancient Chinese botanicals to recreate the magic of beautiful skin. Dr. Wu’s knowledge about Chinese beauty culture has helped her to create the complete range of products. Powerful Chinese botanicals along with vitamin E are the main base of many of the cleansers offered by the company. Therefore, they are suitable for all skin types and clean to the core under the pore without causing any damage to the skin. For sensitive skin, the natural plant based ingredients are no less than a miracle. So, for those women who have acne-ridden skin, these cleansers are very gentle and demonstrate quick results. Research Based Anti-Aging Solutions Dr. Wu has not only transported the ancient Chinese wisdom into the skincare, but has also years of research to her credentials. She is the Harvard MD and board-certified dermatologist and also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Southern California (USC). Dr. Wu has been the part of several clinical studies conducted by FDA and her strong research skills has helped her to create some potent anti-aging formulations.  So for those who want to get the medical expertise and practical advice for maintaining a healthy skin, Dr. Wu skin care products are the best answer, because each product is rich in the medical expertise provided by Dr. Wu along with immense practical guidance. Dr. Wu’s exploration for beautiful skin continues and she has recently written a book titled “Feed your Face” mentioning her approach towards skin care.


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