Why Do I need Night Cream

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Most of the women question the relevance of a night cream or night moisturizer, when they already use a day cream. Of course, everyone’s skin needs are different. Some women have normal or combination skin which does not require frequent moisturizing. Hence, their skin looks great with just one dose of daily moisturizer. On the other hand, there are some women with extremely dry skin, which lacks moisture even after application of moisturizers. Therefore, they need moisturizer in the night as well. Reverse Water Loss Of course, you can use your day cream, but the night creams are highly concentrated and they prevent dehydration which is caused by TEWL (Trans Epidermis Water Loss), which according to experts, is greatest at night. Therefore, slathering a night cream is a deep nourishing and restorative experience that can make all skin troubles rest in peace, while you rest comfortably the whole night. Oftentimes, night creams use advanced emollients to make your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Control Dryness During winters, your skin becomes dry due to lack of humidity inside the home. If you have a humidifier, it is better to check the humidity level and increase the level to nourish your skin. In the absence of a good humidifier, you need to control the dryness by investing in a rich night cream which keeps the skin well hydrated. Reverse the UV Damage Most of the night creams are enriched ingredients that are meant to minimize the irritation caused after your skin is exposed to sun. These night creams not only repair the damage but also prevent hyperpigmentation. DermalogicaChromaWhiteTRx Pure Night is a perfect night time moisturizing treatment which makes your skin truly bright and vibrant in the morning, without making it look greasy and shiny. Good Night’s Sleep Give your skin a good night’s sleep with the help of Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioner, which balances the oil while revitalizing pale and dull skin. The rhythmic night conditioner is a powerful blend of botanical extracts such as white lily;anthyllis and rose petal extract combine with rose essential oil that calms your skin as well as your mind. Fight the Signs of Aging While you are sleeping, a night cream that is enriched with anti-aging ingredients can work wonder on your skin by fighting the wrinkles and fading those dark circles. If that cream has natural extracts, then the results are more astonishing. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream is rich in powerful botanical extracts to help minimize the appearance of fine lines while helping to increase skin elasticity.


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