Why We Love Our Brands: DR. WU

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With over twenty various brands on our website, things can be a little overwhelming when you don’t know what each has to offer. “Why We Love Our Brands” will help tackle this problem by introducing some of our top brands with our favorite products! This month, we’re continuing with DR. WU. Dr. Wu is the leading medical skincare brand from Taiwan, having been around for fifteen years. Dr. Wu has created a technologically-advanced skincare line of high potency products for the sensitive skin. With these products, customers are able to enjoy skincare just like having a doctor perform medical treatments at home, maintaining a perfect complexion through the simplest yet effective ways. We know there are also several products within this brand to choose from, so here are our top picks to help you get started: Dr. Wu Acnecur Pore Refining Toner with AC.NET Acnecur Pore Refining Toner with AC.NET is an advanced alcohol-free formula that improves acne-prone skin conditions by regulating sebum secretion and reducing excess oils to prevent clogged pores without stripping away vital moisture. Results can be seen after using for 14 days and improve with continued use. Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Lotion with Mandelic Acid Daily Renewal Lotion with Mandelic Acid is a light-weight lotion designed to penetrate into the skin easily for fast, thorough hydration. It contains ingredients to improve skin’s clarity and texture through helping skin renew itself while keeping skin hydrated, moist and fair. Dr. Wu Extra Whitening Lotion with Vitamin C+ Extra Whitening Lotion is a lusciously light and refreshing moisturizer that hydrates, perfects, and protects. It immediately soothes dry patches and helps provide long-lasting moisture and elasticity to the skin to prevent ageing while enhancing whitening results. Dr. Wu Ultimate Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid (3 pcs) Hydrating Mask can effectively deliver to skin active ingredients and prove to be effective in facilitating hydration, replacing lost moisture and reducing dry patches. It contains 5th generation HyaluComplex, which attracts, retains and creates hydration and moisture all through skin layers.


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