Why We Love Our Brands: Eve Lom

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With over twenty various brands on our website, things can be a little overwhelming when you don’t know what each has to offer. “Why We Love Our Brands” will help tackle this problem by introducing some of our top brands with our favorite products! This month, we’re continuing with Eve Lom. Eve Lom is a firm believer that flawless skin begins with a flawless clean, and has been using this mantra to create top-notch skincare products for over 25 years. With the highest quality ingredients, and best botanicals, Eve Lom ensures that their products will treat skin starting at the deepest level.  Aside from their famous cleanser, Eve Lom also carries various masks and products to help "set a template for radiant skin." We know there are also several products within this brand to choose from, so here are our top five picks to help you get started: Eve Lom Morning Cleanser The Evelom Morning Cleanser is a lightweight, rinse-off cleansing balm, formulated to help your skin look and feel soft, youthful, and radiant every day. It is the perfect pairing to the award-winning Evelom Cleanser, and it helps revitalize and wake up your skin. This product was created as an ultra-refreshing alternative for those who like to cleanse in a unique way at different times of the day. The lightweight balm cleanses and removes even the toughest waterproof makeup, decongests, supports natural collagen production, and minimizes pores, all while ensuring that your skin will not dry out. Eve Lom Daily Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 Eve Lom Daily Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 is a new generation in daily sunscreen. This product provides broad spectrum defense against UVA and UVB rays, pollutants, free radicals, and environmental damage. This product not only protects, but also brightens, hydrates, and lifts the look of your skin, diminishing age spots and pigmentation while exfoliating and eliminating impurities and breakouts. This sunscreen applies clear, and leaves skin luminous, even, firm, and youthful-looking.   Eve Lom Dynaspot Developed after years of research dedicated into finding the main causing factor in blemishes, Evelom’s Dynaspot is the perfect emergency breakout treatment. With natural antiseptic extracts and salicylic acid, this emergency treatment will eliminate blemish spots with quick results, without irritating or drying out your skin. With a universal skin-tone tint, this treatment is also perfect for use under or over make-up, and also on its own. Get instantaneous results when and where you need it the most.   Eve Lom Radiance Lift Cream Evelom’s Radiance Lift Cream is a richly textured moisturizer filled with natural ingredients to help boost your complexion and leave behind, silky smooth, hydrated skin. Improve skin’s elasticity and tone, nourish and plump skin, increase cell turnover, defend skin against oxidative stresses, and leave your skin more refined and smooth than ever before. From the moment you apply this unique moisturizer, your complexion will be more radiant, soft, and firm with visible results. Eve Lom Rescue Mask Another multi award-winning product, Evelom’s Rescue Mask is a weekly-use complexion booster, and an emergency treatment for stressed-out, sluggish skin. This product has won the award for “Best Mask for Congested Skin” by In Style for seven years in a row. When skin is stressed, whether with break outs, jet-lag, or puffiness, this hard-working, versatile mask will get your skin back on track. Evelom’s Rescue Mask deep cleanses, decongests, smoothes and conditions, calms redness and irritation, absorbs excess oil without drying skin out, and instantly soothes puffy, tired eyes and skin.


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