EltaMD Dermal Wound Cleanser

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Maintaining newly resurfaced skin - keeping it clean, and keeping it free of secretions - is extremely important. If the old dead skin cells, or any secretions, are not removed in a timely manner, it can lead to skin infections, scars, or other complications. The cleansing process must be gentle, however, to avoid damaging or removing the new skin cells that have formed. EltaMD Dermal Wound Cleanser was specifically made to remove these foreign materials gently from sensitive skin. It is non-cytotoxic, and requires no rinsing. It does not stain the skin, and is ready to use to help reduce compliance issues that patients may experience at home. The cleanser may be used by either pouring it onto a cosmetic pad, or also spraying it directly onto the area in need of treatment. Do not spray in or near the eyes.